Imagine bringing your people together to experience a powerful movie about community. And you are able to show it multiple ways such as in your church, drive-in movie night, at your local theater, or even ONLINE!

You can even preview SMALL GROUP the movie first. See details below...

Small Group (2020 film)

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Run Time: 121 minutes

The Story

Documentary filmmaker R. Scott Cooper moves his family from Los Angeles to Athens, Georgia, after being hired to make a film about the dwindling influence of Christianity in America. Upon arrival, he learns that his producer, Ballard, intends to make a cheap hit-piece rather than an objective documentary. Scott turns the job down to protect his journalistic integrity, but financial difficulties force him to negotiate with Ballard who deceives Scott into believing that he will, in fact, tell an honest story.

In order to dive deeper than a public worship service will allow, Scott and his wife Mary join a small group at a local church, finding a group of imperfect people doing their best to live for Christ. As the Coopers’ relationship with their group grows, Ballard isn’t pleased with the direction of the documentary and exposes their infiltration. Now we’re left to see how the small group will react to such an intense betrayal.

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What You’ll Get 

Multiple ways to host this great film.

Use One or ALL FOUR.

Show in 

Your Church

Using the proper guidelines for distancing, you can host a MOVIE NIGHT in your church. A BluRay/DVD will be provided for you.

Show in 

Parking Lot

Host your own DRIVE-IN MOVIE NIGHT for your families. Have everyone stay in their car or bring their blankets and chairs for a fun night.

Show in 

Your Theater

We give you instructions on how to approach your local theater to rent out an auditorium and experience a NIGHT AT THE MOVIES. 

*additional fees for theater rental



That's right. For the first time, you will have a selection of nights that your church website can host a broadcast of SMALL GROUP for those who do not come to any of the physical showings.

Do you need to see it first?

If you are a pastor on staff or small group leader and would like to preview SMALL GROUP the Movie first, then just fill out the form to receive your NO OBLIGATION PRIVATE SECURED SCREENER LINK. 

You will have 5 Days to preview the film. We will then follow up with you about pricing and see if you agree this film is a powerful tool for your church.

This is how YOUR church will react to experiencing SMALL GROUP!


Can I see the movie first?

You sure can. Just fill out the form above and you will be sent a private link to watch. This link is good for 5 days. 

When can I show it?

Anytime! Your premiere can happen anytime starting September 11th. 

What is the cost to host a premiere?

After talking with many pastors and hearing about the struggles some are experiencing, the producers have decided to price this at the normal standard licensing cost of hosting an old film! Pricing is based on the size of the church and ranges from $99 for a small church, $199 for a medium sized church, and $299 for large churches.

Do I get all four options to show SMALL GROUP to my church?

Yes! You can choose one, two, three, or all four of the viewing options for your church. Keep in mind that in order to show at a theater, you must book an auditorium. We will give you instructions on how to do so.

I have questions. Who can I reach out to?

Send an email to Matt Dickerson at   [email protected] .